Wednesday, April 28, 2010


These characters are for a DANCE studio and I think it's a great idea and will look so cute on the walls. Miss Susan ordered them and she was my dance instructor when I was a kid. So fun! *please excuse my bad photos! i couldn't get the whole thing in one shot*

S is for Scarlet.................

Here is a character that was ordered for a baby shower for a brand new baby girl.

Solomon T and MJ!

These characters are for my BFF Kara's adorable children! It took 3 years but hopefully it was worth it!! :)

Solomon has an awesome train set in his room and loves "Thomas". He also has lots of cool animals so I was really excited when I found this paper that combined them. He's 3 so I didn't put any frilly ribbon on it :)

Miss Mira Jane or MJ is such a cute little girl and so she gets a cute character with pinks!

3 little Nielson's......

Well it only took me 3 years but I finally made my BFF Lindsay, characters for her children's rooms! Here they are!

Bridger has an adorable Cowboy themed room and since he is almost 5 years old, I didn't want to make it girly with ribbons :)

Little Miss Kennedy Grace is obsessed with pink and princesses!

Charlotte Leigh was born just a few weeks ago!

Caroline Brynn......

Caroline Brynn was born a few months ago and her Mom asked me to do a character for her adorable room!